SAIF FIRE a shelter of survivor against Fire, safety and security, starving to serve not only the humanity of our region but to deliver the best to prevent the wounds of BURN.

Established in the year 1992 we M/S Saiffire (FPAP 1992/2016) started its business from the backyard of the residence and now by the Grace of Nature we have a profile of numerous outlets including manufacturing facility with the most advanced technology in the capital city of Sindh - Karachi.

We are a team of professional and skilled workmen ready to meet all the challenges to secure the humanity from any disaster management situation.

our range of products has now expanded taking us far ahead from our speciality of pressure filling of Fire and life saving cylinders. Today we have the capability to supply exclusive products of local as well of renowned imported brands of fire, safety and security.

The collaboration of some of the most reliable back sources in the world e.g. SFFECO, ROSENBAUER, TEMPEX etc. has today made our team more efficient and strong to manage any project meeting standards and approvals accepted globally i.e. NFPA, FPAP, UL and as and when required.

Life is always a name of learning and we are continuously on the path of TOTs (Transfer of Technology) via our principals and earning the knowledge of State of the Art latest designs and technologies to ARM the rescue and firemen of our country to fight any emergency in the security hazard areas of our country, to make our nation safe and strong.

To generate the awareness for the prevention of fire and mishandling of life risk equipment and First Aid, we have been continuously working to create a platform. Today we are proud and honored to be the pioneers of getting the official approval from "SINDH BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION" for serving and providing training to our unaware peoples to fight the instant emergencies occuring in their lives.

We are specialized in fire protection, safety and security of low and high risks in industries including power plants, gas fields and oil terminals, petroleum industries chemical and fertilizer plants. We are involved in providing our services to huge sector involving garments, textile, sugar, transport and food processing industries; we also take care of fire protection of high rise buildings, clubs and hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, telecommunication, commercialbuildings, banks, automotive show rooms, educational institutes and mills. We also provide services to Government's fire department, sea ports, Airports and Armed Forces. In short our team is 24/7 ready to serve and meet any emergency to secure the life, property and valuables of our people.

Address: 1-H, 1/1, Nazimabad, No.1, Karachi - Pakistan.

Mobile: 0333-3051040, 0364-4041688
Ph: +92 21 34142346